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Weekly Planner, Tracking Guide and Journal for Your Child's Health


This journal

can help you

keep all of your


The Child Health & Wellness


Weekly Planner with Symptom & Behavior Tracker

Complete with Medical Information Organizer

ADHD, Sensory, Anxiety,
Neurological, Behavioral & Medical Conditions

This journal can help you 
keep all of your information together.

This Journal & Organizer is Divided in Sections:

​Each section contains multiple pages for important note taking.


General Health information

p 6-10       General Health Information


Doctors & Appointment Notes

p 11         Pediatrician / Dentist

p 12-13    Specialists: Doctor & Therapists
p 14-20    Appointment Notes

Medication List, Tests & More

p  21         Medications & Supplements    

p  22-25    Medication List

p  26-27    Medical Tests & Evaluations 

p  28         Notes 


Health Care Bills & Expenses

p  29         Health Insurance Information

p  30-35    Health Care Bills & Expenses 

p  36         Notes 

School Information

p  37          School Contacts

p  38-41     School Related Notes
p  42-43     Special Education / Advocate Info
p  44-46     Notes

Child Development & My Notes

p  47-51    Child Development
p  52-53    Nutrition Information
p  54-55    Fitness Information & Notes

p  56         Notes


Monthly Reviews & Notes

p  57-61    Monthly Assessments

p  62-63    Year In Review

p  64-65     Notes

6 Month Planner/Symptom Diary

The Planner/Symptom Diary is a detailed weekly planner with a symptom tracker complete with a tracking and rating system for monitoring your child’s daily activities, behaviors and symptoms.​


6 Month Undated Planner for any time of the year. Fill in your own dates and use as you need. 

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Symptom Diary

Write your notes about: People to contact,  To Do,  Goals,  Weekly Notes,  Struggles,   Achievements,  Weekly Overview and Appointments

Daily Rating System

Easy to use - helps quickly reference areas of interest for observing child’s behaviors and symptoms.

Rating System:

1 circle - Poor

2 circles - Fair

3 circles - Good

Categories Include:

  • Appetite

  • Behavior

  • Sleep

  • School Day

  • Homework

  • Activities

  • Appointments

  • Medication

  • 2 extra lines for your child's own specific needs


Undated Fill-In JOURNAL

6 months - fill in dates as you need


9"x11" Spiral Bound   •  172 pages


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